About Us

DISCOdip is an analog effects company from the Netherlands.

We want to bring the best of analog effects into the modern realm.
Our expanding of effects offers you an easy and portable way to add high quality sound to any signal chain.

Whether you’re an engineer, producer, musician, DJ, vocalist or voice-over artist: DISCOdip effects combine classic sound quality with the modern features you need in a portable form factor.  

DISCOdip is

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Our Story

The world of music has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. 

From a world of albums and singles, MTV and radio airplay to a world of streaming, instagram stars and influencers. 

A similar change has happened behind the scenes, where the advent of cheap, good quality software has democratized the means of production to

the point that literally everyone with a laptop can produce a hit… in theory.

In this sea of changes, a few things have remained constant. While music software has gotten immeasurably better, the actual way we make music hasn’t. We still rely on the instruments, synthesizers and effects that by now have been around for ages. Recording techniques have gotten better, but they haven’t changed. In fact, the most sought after sound in software is the sound of vintage gear. The warmth of tubes, the density and grit of an SSL compressor, the sheen of a particular equalizer. The emulations of these have become quite good and are saturating the market both figuratively AND literally. 

The biggest issue facing a producer or musician today is the overabundance of choice. So many DAWs, plug-ins, interfaces, controllers and that’s just the world of software. Many producers these days rely on ready made samples, which can be bought from large online stores or subscribed to.
This has lead to a reversal, where the more creative musicians and producers are actually moving away from the computer and it’s million-in-one possibilities, because those actually limit creativity. The audience has also noticed that music is becoming more and more commodified, homogenized and lacks in artistry and personality.. and are starting to seek out artists and acts that bring that. Everywhere you look you see a resurgence of this kind of old fashioned musicianship and engineering. From live bands, to table top jams with homebrew synthesizers or experimenting with guitar and wild effect chains. Especially popular is this kind of hybrid approach with software driven by a hardware controller (Ableton Push, Maschine) or even software in a box (MPC, Elektron) providing a more hands-on, tactile and creative workflow. This can be combined with many cool and affordable hardware synthesizers, often in a compact tabletop format (instead of the old 88 keys). Modern audio interfaces allow these to be easily combined and recorded into digital sessions, where they can then be manipulated and effected like any sound or sample.

DISCOdip is a part of this development with our portable range of studio grade audio effects. Durable and small enough to throw in a backpack and bring along to whereever the music takes you. All the richness of classic analog sounds engineers have relied upon for decades with an easy to use interface and smart innovations to make them fit better with the world of modern, hybrid music making. In this modern, hybrid workflow the DAW is usually still the centerpoint. This is where the audio is recorded and, until now, usually processed as well… with any of the many available plug-ins, often more or less exacting emulations of sought after analog gear. But what if you don’t have to emulate. What if you can take this processing out of your computer? Add DISCOdip in between your synths, instruments and audio interface and mix them before you record. Thicken that synth with saturation, cushion that pad in the smoothness of opto compression, shape your vocals into perfection with our analog EQ.

Our units are ideal for electronic live set-ups, for guitar players, vocalists and bands that record their own tracks. Bring some big studio sound into your practice room! Are you a podcaster, vlogger or voice over artist? Add that authentic analog sheen and power that will make your performance truly stand out from the crowd. 

Colour your sound with DISCOdip.

But it doesn’t stop with sound quality. As musicians ourselves we know great sound is only part of the equation. So we pay great attention to that most intangible and unquanitifiable of qualities: musicality. We think this starts with simple usability. You want to get on with your craft, be creative.. not overcoming engineering challenges every step of the way. Our units can be easily combined into any setup you like. Simply swap units to shape your ideal sound on the fly. With modern features like mid/side, sidechain filters, dry/wet controls.. these are not your granddad’s fiddly old rack-mounts.