Model C

Analog Clipping on steroids.

  • Full Analog Design
  • Variable soft to hard clipping
  • From subtle peak limiting to all out destruction
  • Gets very loud
  • Heavy Duty knobs and switches
  • Sturdy anodised aluminium case
  • Bypass switch
  • Tilt filter


If Model O is smooth and open, C is quite the opposite. 

A snarling beast of an analog clipper that can go from invisibly catching peaks to raucous (but tasty) hard clipping mayhem, and back.
An additional TILT filter and variable soft to hard clipping allows for some taming of this bad boy.

Clipping is a kind of amplitude distortion where the overdriven signal simply gets ‘clipped’ off.
In the digital domain this ends up as nasty digital distortion and break up and is best avoided.
In analog though, the resulting distortion can be quite pleasant!

At a low level, clipping can work a bit like a limiter. The distortion is almost inaudible at this point and this is a great way to increase the apparent loudness of your material, or to catch incidental peaks before or after a compressor. Driven a bit further, the sound starts to become edgier but LOUD. The squared off waveforms are introducing new harmonics that make things sound bigger and more in your face.

But Model C allows you to take it much further. In full overdrive, C becomes an all out stomp box, completely ripping the sound apart in glorious ways. Great on anything from bass guitars and drums to synths. The TILT filter allows you to direct this violence towards the high or low range and the CLIP knob takes it from rounded soft clipping to the much harsher hard clipping.




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Model C