Model Q

The essential analog Equalizer.

  • Fully Analog design
  • 4 bands
  • Switchable Shelf or Bell Curve (LF and HF)
  • Variable Q (LMF and HMF)
  • Bypass switch
  • Sturdy anodized aluminium case
  • Heavy duty switches and knobs


The essential EQ. 

Based on classic designs from the past with a modernised analog signal path.
The idea was to build a flexible and great sounding equalizer that lets you shape your sound in the most hands-on way possible.
From surgical cuts to the kind of wide boosts only an analog EQ can do, Model Q does it easily and beautifully.

Model Q has 4 Bands with wide variable, overlapping frequency settings.
The LOW and HIGH are shelves that can be switched to bell curves.
The 2 MID bands are bell curves with variable Q. 



Sound demos

  1. 1.
    LWJ - In The Village 3


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Model Q